Do you have an old sweatshirt that is in need of a makeover?  If you answered yes, then this is the project for you!  You can revive that old favorite by adding either embroidery or applique, as well as some crystals or even some cute buttons.

Step 1:

Take your sweatshirt and find the middle.  You can either use a tape measure to do this, or do it the easy way and fold your garment in half and mark it, either with a pin or use a wash-a-way marker.

I used a straight pin to mark the middle.

Step 2:

Using a washout marking device and a ruler draw a line down the center of the garment.

Step 3:

After marking your garment, take your scissors and cut on the marked line.  This will open your sweatshirt up.

Step 4:

Apply binding to either side of the raw edges.  Optional:  turn the raw edges in and create a hem on either side.

Step 5:

You can customize the sleeves by cutting off the ribbing that goes around your wrist and then sew coordinating fabric to finish off the raw edges.  You can also cut off the ribbing that goes around the bottom and use coordinating fabric to finish off the raw edges there as well.

Embroider, applique and embellish anyway you see fit.

Here is a sample of the embroidery on the back and hot fix crystals.

This is a more close up view of the detail in the front, featuring various hot fix items.

Here is a sample of applique from another sweatshirt that I made over.