Christmas in July Challenge Project

My employer always has a Christmas in July challenge project every year.  This year we were given a piece of silk dupioni and some sashing strips, and were told to do whatever we wanted to the wall hanging.  After much deliberation I finally came up with a theme for the fabric I was given.  I really had to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and think outside the box.  These aren’t the typical colors I’m used to sewing with. This is what I came up with.  Sorry the pictures aren’t very good quality, it was early in the morning and I used my itouch!

I used Anita Goodesign’s “Nature’s Jewel’s” and “The Estate Collection”

For the middle embroidery I used my embroidery software and created an applique medallion for the center, featuring cutwork.  I also had to use some hotfix rhinestones!  I couldn’t help myself!🙂

Here is the finished product.  As some of you know silk dupioni can be difficult to work with, I’m very thankful for spray starch!

Bridal-Party Bouquets


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I know it’s been a while since I have posted, but I’m finally back on track.  After embroidering and wiring countless “flowers” I have finally finished the Bridal Party bouquets for my daughter’s wedding.

Here are some pictures of the finished products, I think they turned out pretty nice…I do have to say, they look way better in person!

With about a month to go until the wedding, we still have lots to do!

Alternative Wedding Bouquet


Drawing inspiration from all the absolutely wonderful alternative wedding bouquets that are out there, I have made my daughter her wedding bouquet.  Armed with my embroidery machine, thread, Angelina Fibers, lace, tulle and some other great items I got to work.  This project took me quite some time to “almost” finish, I just wanted to post some pictures of the almost done project.




I think it’s turning out really nice, and glad it’s almost done…Now I just need to start on the bridesmaids bouquets.  I see some long days ahead of me!🙂

Traditional or Non-Traditional?

With my daughter recently getting engaged, I have been exposed to some new things out there in the world of wedding preparations. 

Number 1:   Wedding invitations.  They seemed simple enough already, but now the trend is to send out a save the date magnet.


Number 2:  Back in the “olden days” we wore the same color shoes as our wedding dress, it seems now the trend is to dye your wedding shoes the color of your bridesmaids dresses.












Photo: My Glass Slipper

Number 3:  Instead of carrying a traditional bouquet, you can get or make an “alternative bouquet”.  They are really quite beautiful, but again, very new to me!

brooch bridal bouquet

Photo: Fantasy Floral Designs

Some things have changed since I got married some 20+ years ago, but some things have stayed the same.  Beautiful gowns, wonderful photography and the sheer excitement of the upcoming day!


Empty Nester = An Extra Room For Quilting/Sewing!


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Due to my oldest daughter moving out, I’ve decided to “expand” my quilting/sewing room!  I pondered for a while, then after reading “Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space And Any Budget” it hit me like a ton of bricks, I need more space!  I’ve outgrown my current sewing room, so instead of making a guest room, which was my original plan, I’m going to expand my sewing area!  Why not?

I highly recommend this book.  It’s full of great ideas for organizing, planning, lighting etc.


Did Someone Say Cookies?


Well since I was already on a bridal theme, I thought I would continue with a really good idea my daughter found on the web to ask her friends if they would be her bridesmaids.  After I saw them and saw how absolutely wonderful they came out, I figured I would pass it along.

She got on the phone and called around to local bakeries, she was looking for one that could make a cookie in the shape of a dress.  She then told the bakery what her colors were (lilac and ivory) and had them ice the cookies in those colors.  Then she had them put the word bridesmaid with a question mark.  Isn’t that clever?  Her younger sister will get the cookie that says maid of honor?. 

I love this idea!

Oh to be a young, beautiful bride again!

Sorry I Just Lost My Train Of Thought…I Saw Something Shiny!


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Ahh marriage!  The shopping, the planning, the money!  Put that all aside, and is there anything more important than the bride-to-be trying to find the “perfect” wedding dress?  In my family of mostly all girls (sorry my husband is out numbered!) we really love the shiny, sparkly stuff…In other words we love the bling! :)  Needless to say, while wedding dress shopping we all drooled over all the beautiful rhinestones and sparkly beading!  So for my blog today, I decided to post some of my favorite glittery photos! 


For me, the thought of fabric and rhinestones together makes me smile!🙂


Don’t you just love the rouching on the background of this?

You can’t ignore the fact that your hair needs to shine as well!


I can’t put up anymore information than this, in fear that my soon to be son-in-law might get a glimpse of his future bride before the wedding! 

We had a great day!

Another “Work In Progress”


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I found this wonderful quilt pattern on the internet some years ago.  I have been working on it for a couple of years on and off.  I know I will finish it…someday!

Isn’t this quilt so pretty and elegant?  I’m glad I pulled this back out, so I can continue to work on it!

Hand applique isn’t my forte, but since this is such a whimsical pattern it doesn’t matter how good I am at it :)  (that’s my story and I’m stick’n to it!)

Moley, Moley, Moley



Haha, okay bad joke.  It should be mola, mola, mola!

These little mola beauties came from Panama.  They are hand sewn by the Kuna women there, and I think they are quite exquisite!

These are made by reverse applique.  I was told that the little patches that I have are the women or girls  “practice” pieces. 

I took a picture of the back of one so you could see the teeny tiny stitches!

Aren’t they just beautiful?  I can’t imagine how many hours the larger pieces take!!


If Only Those Vintage Quilts Could Talk!



I hate to say it, but my dad picked this vintage beauty up at a yard sale some years ago, for under five dollars! (I believe)  Can you believe it?  After getting it home to my mom she told him what a great deal he had gotten.  My mom had it on display for a number of years, then unfortunately my dad passed away, forcing her to move into a smaller home.  She finally passed the quilt on to me.  Ahhh, how I had been waiting for it!


Look at all those teeny-tiny stitches.  She must have been a wonderful seamstress.  I’ve tried to make my stitches look like this, but to no avail!


For the backing, she used this glorious polka-dot fabric.  Was it all she had?  There doesn’t appear to have any sort of batting in the middle.  If it did, it has since faded away thru many launderings.


Whoever she was, she put a whole lot of time and energy and love into making this quilt!  I wish I knew the story behind it, but I don’t.  But it sure doesn’t make me appreciate it any less!

Make Your Own Pattern Weights


I cannot take any credit for coming up with this idea. 

 I saw these made and I thought, I can do that!  They are very easy to make and inexpensive as well.  Instead of having to pin your pattern pieces to the fabric, you can lay these down on the pattern and save some valuable time.

  What you’ll need:

1″ fabric strips and 1/2″ fabric strips

You’ll want to vary the size of strips depending on how big the washer is.  On the larger washers I used a 1″ strip, and on the smaller washers I found that a 1/2″ strip was easier to wrap thru the hole.  As you can see from the picture I just ripped the strips.


Different sizes of washers from the hardware store

You’ll want some big washers and some smaller washers.  I made sure I picked out the washers that had the bigger holes in the middle.  I did wash the washers (lol) before I used them in case there was some residual oil left on them from the manufacturing process.


Wrap a strip of fabric around the washer and finish it off with a drop of glue.  Some of the washers have rough edges, that is why you want to wrap fabric around it! Just be careful if there is some rough edges or burs on the washer.


The finished product!  Couldn’t be any easier!  Don’t you just love easy projects like this?!

The Cutest Little Evening Bag…Let’s Get Ready For Some Holiday Parties!




I don’t know about you, but I just love those quick, easy projects that seem to sew themselves because they’re so much fun to make!

I love the really girly-girl feminine fabrics and patterns.  And when lace and crystals are involved, sign me up!

Everything on this bag, including the embroidery, fringe, tassels and cording were made by me and my sewing/embroidery machines!  Isn’t technology fantastic?!

This adorable butterfly is two-sided.  One side is pink, the other green.  And of course it needed to sparkle, so I added some heat set crystals.

I embroidered the lace on tulle, I think it gives a bit of a vintage feel to it.  On top of that I put another embroidery and then a cute button to top it off.  I don’t over embellish at all!🙂

The fringe and tassles were made on Jenny Haskins Tassle  Maker.  The pattern for the purse and the embroidery is one of her designs as well, although not quite sure it’s still available.

Although I found a backing that will work, I’m sad to say another quilt shop has closed!


It’s so sad to see all the stores that have to close their doors!  Had I know the quilt shop that I purchased the green fabric from was going to close, I would have bought more, enough for the backing as well!  Now that I mention it, the store that I purchased the fabric to make the blocks has also closed!   I know sewing and quilting is alive and well, it’s just sad that we’re losing such amazing stores!!!

Sigh…anyways, back to my project…

I found this green fabric and I think it matches pretty well, after all it’s only going to be on the back of the quilt, right?!🙂

This little baby just needs a backing!



Well, what was supposed to be a birthday gift, has now turned in to a Christmas gift.  I decided that I better get working on it or it might just be a birthday gift again!

I treated myself to an Accuquilt Go! and absolutely love it!  It makes cutting out shapes easy, easy, easy. 

As you can see from the above picture, the pieces come out perfect.  I even ran them thru the machine with fusible backing on the fabric!

Then I machine appliqued them down with a quick zig-zag and invisible thread.  Sew easy!

Now I just need to go buy a backing and quilt this baby!  I will post the finished product!